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CAV Gallery

The Cristian Anthony Vallejo Memorial Gallery (CAV Gallery) has been inspired by the little cousin to gallery founder Marcus Xavier Chormicle who passed away in 2020. The loss of Cristian was the driving force to create an art space in Downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico dedicated to the mission of uplifting artists whose work aims to create cultural and communal conversation that goes beyond art for the sake of art and generates real change on a communal level. The hope of the CAV Gallery is to provide opportunity through art to break cycles of trauma and loss, and to create an outlet to work through these difficult parts of life.

Current programming includes monthly virtual artist talks and a partnership with the Cruces Collective and Local Photo Club, to continue to bring art to the community until the physical space is established.

Beginning in the Spring of 2021 the CAV Gallery will partner with Barricade Culture Shop to open an art retail space in Downtown Las Cruces, with hopes of opening the art space to the public by the summer. For now, find the CAV Gallery at the Las Cruces Farmers Market, The Picacho Arts District's Fine Art Free Market and online.

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